2021 Course Topics

12-13 April 2021: Neuromuscular diseases. Moderator Professor Thomas Sejersen
14-15 April 2021: Neonatal Neurology. Moderator Professor Leena Haataja

Thomas Sejersen

EPNS board member.
Professor and senior lecturer, Astrid Lindgrens Children’s Hospital, Karolinska Hospital and Karolinska Institutet
Training:  PhD, 1987, Medical school, 1988; MD, 1990, Docent in Medical cell genetics 1991, Specialist in Paediatrics. 1998, Specialist in Paediatric neurology and habilitation, 1999, Professor in Pediatric Neurology 2009
Fields of clinical and research interest: Neuromuscular disorders
Memberships: Chairman of Swedish research council network on muscle disorders 2000-2003. Board member and scientific secretary Swedish paediatic neurology society 2001-2005. Board member of Scientific committee of RBU (National Association for Disabled Children and Adolescents), 2006-2016. Member of Stockholm ethics review board for medical research, 2006-2016.Activity leader for standards of diagnosis and care, executive committee member in international network for neuromuscular disorders, TREAT-NMD, 2007- Invited DuchenneConnect Advisor, 2008-. Member of governing board for EU-project on development of high throughput genetic diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders, NMD-CHIP, 2008-2011. Work package leader and member of governing board for EU-project to develop best practice guidelines for rare diseases, RARE-BESTPRACTICES, 2012-2016. Member of European Reference Network for neuromuscular disorders EURO-NMD.

Leena Haataja

Professor of Paediatric Neurology, Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Research Center, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki, Finland.
Training: Research assistant, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Utah Medical Center, USA (1988), Doctor of Medicine (MD), University of Turku, Finland (1991), Doctor of Medical Sciences (PhD), Medical Genetics, University of Turku (1996), Clinical Research Fellow, Hammersmith Hospital, London (1997-98), Research assistant, Visual Development Unit, University College London (1997-98), Paediatric Neurologist, University of Turku (2002), Associate professor in Paediatric Neurology, University of Turku (2004)
Fields of clinical and research interest: fetal and neonatal risk factors (e.g. prematurity, birth asphyxia, brain injuries, inflammation), protective factors (e.g. genetic mechanisms, parent-infant interaction), long-term neurodevelopmental outcome of at risk infants, developmental and neurological assessment methods, treatment guidelines, intervention studies, machine learning
Memberships: EPNS, EACD, Nordic Neuropediatric Society, Finnish Neuropediatric Society

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